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Product Categories


Condensed Milk5
Yogurt & Curd0
Energy Drinks12
Soft Drinks24
Butter & Cheese2
Dry & Frozen Fish7
Mixed Spices43
Colors & Flavours10
Weekly Groceries Combo0
Daily Groceres Combo10
Fresh Fruits41
Vinegar & Rose Water6
Cookies & Biscuites80
Bread & Cake15
Cooking Oil22
Ghee & Butter Oil16
Rice & Dal24
Fresh Vegetables30
Fresh Fish30
Milk & Egg20
Ata, Maida & Suji0
Diabetic Foods23
Salt & Sugar11
Basic Spices17
Chanacur & Nuts12
Sauce & Ketchup10
Jam, Jelly & Honey13
Fresh Meat26


Boneless Beef 1kg
Boneless Beef 1k $13.99 See detials
Beef with Bone 1kg
Beef with Bone 1.. $12.99 See detials
Fresh Mutton1 kg
Fresh Mutton1 kg $14.99 See detials
Beef Keema 1kg
Beef Keema 1kg $13.99 See detials
Chicken Keema 1kg
Chicken Keema 1k $8.99 See detials
Chicken Leg 1kg
Chicken Leg 1kg $9.99 See detials
Chicken Breast
Chicken Breast $9.99 See detials
Fresh Beef Liver 1 Kg
Fresh Beef Liver.. $7.99 See detials
Fresh Boneless Beef 2 kg
Fresh Boneless B.. $25.99 See detials
Fresh Beef with Bone 2 kg
Fresh Beef with .. $24.99 See detials
Fresh Mutton Leg 1kg
Fresh Mutton Leg.. $14.99 See detials
Fresh Boiler Chicken 1-1.50 kg
Fresh Boiler Chi.. $6.99 See detials
Boiler Chicken 5 KG
Boiler Chicken 5.. $24.99 See detials
Fresh Beef Bone
Fresh Beef Bone $13.99 See detials
Cow Tail 1 kg
Cow Tail 1 kg $12.49 See detials
Beef Brain
Beef Brain $6.99 See detials
Goat Brain
Goat Brain $5.99 See detials
Goat Head 2PC
Goat Head 2PC $7.99 See detials
Cow Stomach 2kg
Cow Stomach 2kg $10.40 See detials
Beef Tongue
Beef Tongue $4.99 See detials
Cow Whole Head
Cow Whole Head $15.99 See detials
Chicken Feet
Chicken Feet $4.99 See detials
Duck Whole Local
Duck Whole Local $7.49 See detials
Duck Goose Whole
Duck Goose Whole $9.99 See detials
Fresh Beef Leg 01
Fresh Beef Leg 0 $255.99 See detials
Fresh Beef Leg 02
Fresh Beef Leg 0 $330.99 See detials