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Product Categories


Cafe Mango14
Bella Italia10
California Fried Chicken20
Kabab Factory 36
Western Grill18
Signature Food Club74
Shawarma Restaurant King78
Burger King 31
Shawarma House37
A & W36
Pizza Hut Halal42
FFC Halal20
Captains World21
American Burger8
Nando's Peri Peri Chicken63
Nutrient Cake Pastry Shop7
4 Season Restaurant15
Boomers Cafe19
Tasty Treat5


Nutrient Chicken Roll
Nutrient Chicken.. $6.49 See detials
Nutrient Beef Burger
Nutrient Beef Bu.. $4.99 See detials
Nutrient Beef Samosa
Nutrient Beef Sa.. $4.99 See detials
Nutrient Beef Samosa.
Nutrient Beef Sa.. $2.99 See detials
Nutrient Chicken Burger
Nutrient Chicken.. $4.99 See detials
Mix Vegetable Roll
Mix Vegetable Ro.. $2.49 See detials
Chicken Classic Supremes Pizza(Medium)
Chicken Classic .. $19.49 See detials