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Refunds & Exchange Policy

We will exchange or refund your products based on the following situations:

1. Damaged or Wrong Product Order

Damaged is defined by:

• Spillage without broken seal

• Spray cap damaged without broken seal

• Broken bottle or punctured

• Defective spray caps (open seals)

Wrong Product Order is defined by:

• refunds-exchange-policy

• Package content received is different from order form

• Package content received is missing items from the order form

2. How to request for Refunds or Exchanges

• Please send an email notification to [email protected] within 7 days of receiving the product to request for a refund or exchange. Please include your name, contact number and email address.

• USA Products in Bangladesh will only do a one to one exchange of the affected products. (please note that you cannot change the type of product that is ordered. You can choose to receive the same product for the damaged/missing one(s))

• A picture of the damaged or wrong order product must be taken TOGETHER with the receipt. This is to facilitate our exchange or refund policy with the third party delivery service provider.

• Customer will need to return the damage products via shipping to the stated address in the website.

• USA Products in Bangladesh will re-send the same products upon receiving the damaged products.

• Failure to provide the necessary information will cause your request for refund or exchange to be delayed and/or not successful.

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